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To equip adults with the competencies youth need in order to nurture their social and emotional development.


Decades of research tells us that the integration of social, emotional and academic development leads to better people. In fact, in 2017, scientists in the fields of medicine, neuroscience, economics, psychology and education came together to learn more about this integration and to ultimately make the case for schools to adapt this approach. This Council of Distinguished Scientists affirmed what so many other researchers, economists, civic leaders and educators have known for some time now: when we invest in the social and emotional development of our youth, our young people learn better and our society reaps the economic, civic and social benefits.

This approach is critical with the international challenges we currently face and those we expect to escalate. The impact of climate change; polarization and authoritarian governments; automation and the elimination of jobs; and the gap between the very rich and poor, require solutions that are social, creative, compassionate, and culturally competent. These skills, along with others, are precisely the skills that are developed through a social and emotional approach to learning.


Our approach offers a blended learning experience characterized by social interaction, opportunities for reflection, and a playful approach to skill-building and practice.

“School culture isn’t something you focus on only when people feel bad. It’s not something you invest in to improve test scores. Culture isn’t a means to an end. Schools are microcosms of society. Culture is our collective wellbeing…and the wellbeing of society IS the end game.”

Amy Fast, Principal


These are the competencies covered by our inaugural program, the Social Emotional Competencies Certification:
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    Participants consistently engage in activities that promote their well-being

Well-Being Skills

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    Participants develop emotional intelligence skills so that we can understand and manage our emotions and the emotions of others

Emotional Intelligence

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    Participants respond to people of diverse cultural backgrounds with curiosity and an intention to connect

Cultural Responsiveness

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    Participants healthfully connect with their peers and students

Relationship Skills


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Ellen Mahoney

CEO & Founder
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Josh Stager

Senior Program Advisor
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Christopher Bell

Online Instructional Designer
Kristin Daniel

Kristin Becker Daniel

Online Learning Advisor

Katie Fowle

Professional Learning Designer


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