International SEL Day

Circulus Institute and AIELOC invite you to join us for a special forum celebrating International SEL Day on March 26th.

With the pandemic keeping us geographically apart, this forum is a great alternative for building your network of other SEL committed educators and exchanging ideas and solutions to your most pressing SEL issues.

Our hope is that you leave the forum feeling more connected, more energized and more equipped for your future SEL plans.

Who is this forum for? All educators: teachers, student and staff support teams, administrators and leaders. Anyone working in a school who is  committed to Social and Emotional Learning.

What if my school is only just getting started with SEL? Even more reason to join us! This will be a great opportunity to learn what other schools are doing and glean their insights on how best to move forward.

What can I expect? Our trained facilitators from Circulus Institute and AIELOC will guide you in small group discussions and larger group idea exchanges, centered around these essential questions:

  • Tell us your school’s SEL stories of this past year.
    • What success did you have?
    • What challenges did your school experience ?
    • And how can we all learn from them?
  • What are your hopes for your school to engage in SEL more deeply in the future?
  • What is missing from the SEL conversation we should all be aware of?
  • How do we address SEL in our schools through the lens of equity?

When? We are hosting two forums to accommodate everyone’s time zones. Choose the one that works best for you

  • 11am New York I 3pm London I 11pm Beijing
  • 8pm New York I 12am, March 27th, London I 8am, March 27th, Beijing

Where? On Zoom. We will send you the link once you have registered.


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