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The Circulus Institute offers several professional learning pathways to engage with educator well-being and resilience.


Our approach to professional development whether online or in person is to create experiences that focus on personal connection, reflection, and growth. Research shows that sustained, reflective, collaborative, and coached professional learning are the most effective forms of professional development (Darling-Hammond et al, 2017). All of our professional learning offerings are designed to create meaningful and sustained learning using research-based adult learning strategies.


For interested schools, Circulus will design a tailored learning experience for your staff and faculty specific to the well-being needs of your school community. A tailored design offers a flexible and personalized approach to help support the long-term growth and resilience of your faculty to thrive throughout this year. To discuss the school partnership option, please contact us.


As educators, you are in the midst of the most stressful school year in recent history. You are faced with a new normal in how we teach, lead, and advise your students. And this comes with a sense of loss and of feeling good at what you do. But you are not alone. This fall we are offering three courses based on your school role to help you feel more confident and resilient in your work.

Our courses are designed to run for three weeks, including three full weekends. We intentionally have spaced the courses this way to allow for reflection and growth work to occur outside of school days. Explore our fall course offerings below.


Reclaiming Your Resilience – How to Nurture Teachers’ Well-Being This Year

As educators, you are in the midst of the most stressful school year in recent history. You are faced with a new normal in how we teach, interact, and create meaningful connections with our students. And this comes with a sense of loss and of feeling good at what you do. But you are not alone.

Due to the success of the “Reclaiming Your Resilience” course we launched this summer, we are offering the course again this fall and throughout the 2020-21 school year. In this three-week-long learning experience, educators will become more resilient, learn the skills to thrive in the year ahead and create a plan to nurture the resilience of their school community. We expect that most of the work will be completed during the three weekends throughout the course.

When? October 27 – November 16

What? By the end of “Reclaiming Your Resilience”, participants will:

  • Connect with a global cohort of educators to reflect on their experiences
  • Build a stronger sense of resilience and efficacy for themselves and their community
  • Share a wellbeing plan that will help colleagues and students sustain resilience throughout the school year

Who? This learning experience is designed for teachers, counselors, administrators and school leaders. Participants will be placed in separate peer support communities (PSCs). Each PSC will be facilitated by a coach to tailor the experience to our participants’ needs and provide support.

Fees – Individuals:

$800 USD

Fees – Groups of 5 or more:

$600 USD per group member

To inquire about a scholarship, please contact us here.

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Reclaiming Your Resilience for
School Leaders

A learning experience designed for school leaders on developing systems for resilience and discover ways to nurture collective efficacy in your schools. Over the course of three weekends, you will be supported by a confidential community of school leaders and guided by our coaches to build resilient communities.

“In an ideal world, heads of school will ensure opportunities are found to address the wellbeing issues of their team, establish new routines and provide time and resources such as leadership coaching, counseling, or resilience training to help address growing needs. If this does not happen, then the best we can hope for is that senior leaders will themselves feel emboldened to raise the issue of their wellbeing and request that their needs are supported.”

– Dr. Hellen Kelly

Dates: October 13 – November 2

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Reclaiming Your Resilience for
School Counselors

A learning experience for school counselors to discover your own resilience, explore lasting self-care and boundary strategies, and protect yourself from compassion fatigue. Create a team-care plan so that you and your colleagues can persist and be a safe and consistent source of support for your students.

Dates: October 22 – November 10

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