Slide "To facilitate students' social and emotional learning,
a teacher must know the pupil as a person. This means
that the teacher must strive to know him or herself."
- Arthur T. Jersild
When Teachers Face Themselves, 1955


Circulus’ Social Emotional Competencies (SEC) Certification is a community-oriented learning opportunity to master SECs and well-being skills in order to provide a socially, emotionally and academically integrated learning experience for students. Educators who earn the SEC Certification serve as leaders in the community, championing a holistic approach to teaching and learning. SEC certified educators model the change we want to see in our students and in the world.


The competencies educators will have the opportunity to develop are:

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    Participants healthfully connect with their peers and students

Relationship Skills

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    Participants resolve conflicts fruitfully and expeditiously with students and colleagues

Conflict Resolution

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    Participants demonstrate compassion towards self, peers, students, and the community at large


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    Participants apply active listening in order to gain pertinent info, build relationships, and recognize individuals’ value

Active Listening

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    Participants recognize the environmental and cultural factors that shape who we are, and consider these when seeking to understand the views of others.

Perspective Taking

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    Participants develop emotional intelligence skills so that we can understand and manage our emotions and the emotions of others

Emotional Intelligence

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    Participants respond to people of diverse cultural backgrounds with curiosity and an intention to connect

Cultural Responsiveness

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    Participants cultivate methods of healthy self-expression

Self Expression

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    Participants consistently engage in activities that promote their well-being

Well-Being Skills

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    Participants are able to accurately recognize their emotions, thoughts, and values, and how they influence behavior



Our approach offers a blended learning experience characterized by social interaction, opportunities for reflection, and a playful approach to skill-building and practice.

We offer a dynamic learning experience that includes two in-person summer learning retreats (at the beginning and end of the program), and online learning throughout the school year. Participants are placed in cohorts that offer support and reflection throughout the year.

In order to enroll in the SECC, you must first successfully complete the Circulus Fundamentals course.

  • Enrollment begins in early 2020. Register your interest here.
  • Register your interest in hosting the retreats at your institution here.


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